Recent Works Undertaken

Dear Members/would be members,

As of April 15th 2022.

The following has happened on the club waters over the past 2 months.
1) Swan Pit. Several wooden platforms have been replaced with plastic ones that won’t rot. Huge thanks go to Ade Wheeler who made most of the platforms and adapted his prototypes to now make these platforms truly excellent to fish from. The intention is to replace all of the wooden pegs over the course of the next 12 months. There was also quite of lot of landscaping work. Thanks to all the people who attended the work party in March.

2)Whitegate Farm. Plastic platforms have also been installed at Whitegate farm pool. These are a fantastic improvement to the water. There has also been a row of Leylandii Trees planted at the farm end of the pool. Whilst these these trees are young once they establish (which as is known with Leylandii is a fast process), these will provide an excellent wind break for the pool. More trees will be added very shortly to this end of the pool.

The Whitegate Farm pool has also been stocked with 187 F1s (all good sized fish, some over 2lb). It is
the club’s intention to increase this number of fish to approximately 1000 new fish in this water and this should happen imminently.

Finally the club intends carrying out major ground works on the Brook Pool at the Willows Pools as soon as the ground dries out a little more. This is to make the pegs that have a significant drop much more accessible.