Matches & Results

To stop the spread of the HPV carp virus, can all anglers that fish other waters and then use their keepnets and landing nets on WULAC waters for matches, please make sure their nets are dry, or have been disinfected before they are used in WULAC waters thanks.


Odd Match Results from the Willows Pools, when clubs submit them to us can be found by scrolling to the very bottom of the page

The Committee.

Whitegate Pool

Sunday 1st MayMatch cancelled as new fish just introduced. Work party held in lieu of match.
Sunday 15th May1st Gavin Redhead 37lbs-13ozs. Peg 4.2nd John Wilde 36lbs-9ozs Peg2.3rd Ade Wheeler 18lbs-4ozs Peg 10.
Sunday 26th June
Sunday 24th July
Sunday 21st August
Sunday 18th September
Sunday 2nd October
Sunday 16th October
Details: Fish 11.00 - 16.00

Peg Fee


There is a waiting list for matches on Whitegate

POOL CLOSED on Match Days until 16.00

Match Secretaries


07742 402236


07516 119499

Swan Pit Sunday Club Matches

Sunday 27th March1st Phil Rogers 45lbs-14ozs 2nd Gavin Redhead 41lbs-8ozs 3rd Ian Morris 38lbs-11ozs
Sunday 10th April1st Ian Morris 88lbs-13ozs.Peg-52nd Glen Baker 61lbs-2ozs-Peg-153rd Gary Holmes 48lbs-5ozs-Peg-32
Sunday 24th April1st Garry Holmes 86lbs-1oz.Peg 18.2nd Ian Morris 76 lbs-2ozs.Peg 5.3rd Rob Asbury 61lbs-2ozs.Peg 31.
Sunday 8th May1st Kev Lee 88lbs-8 ozs Peg 7.
2nd George Asbury 85lbs-ozs Peg 32.3rd Ian Morris 64lbs-2ozs Peg13.
Sunday 22nd May1st Rob Asbury 69lbs-4ozs.Peg 172nd Gavin Redhead 61lbs-9ozs.Peg 33rd Kev Lee 46lbs-8ozs,Peg 21.
Sunday 5th June1st Dave Williams
87lbs-14 ozs Peg 32.
2nd Kev Lee
41lbs-0 ozs Peg 23.
3rd George Asbury
31lbs-6 ozs Peg 31
Sunday 19th June1st Gavin Redhead
2nd Dave Williams
82lbs-0ozs.Peg 26.
3rd George Asbury
59lbs-9ozs.Peg 15.
Sunday 3rd July
Sunday 17th July
Sunday 31st July
Sunday 14th August
Sunday 21st August (Charity Match)
Sunday 28th August
Sunday 11th September
Sunday 25th September
Sunday 9th October
Sunday 23rd October
Details: Fish 11.00 - 16.00 (draw at 10.00)

Peg Fee


There is a waiting list for matches on Swan Pit

POOL CLOSED on Match Days until 16.00

Swan Pit Wednesday Open Matches

Wednesday 30th MarchMark C Peg 32. 144lb 6ozMikey. Peg 15. 95lb 11ozPaul. Peg 28. 59lb 8oz
Wednesday 6th AprilPaul. Peg 13. 73lb 11ozMark C. Peg 32. 60lb 8ozSimon P. Peg 15. 56lb 13oz
Wednesday 13th AprilJeff. Peg 24 86lb 10ozPaul. Peg 32 86lb 8ozMikey. Peg 15. 70lb 13oz
Wednesday 20th April Kevin. Peg 18. 132lb 0ozMikey. Peg 32. 88lb 6ozJeff. Peg 15. 87lb 10oz
Wednesday 27th April
Wednesday 4th MayJeff 94lb 6oz Peg 31Mark 88lb Peg 32Kev 60lb 6oz Peg11
Wednesday 11th MayGlen 120lb 11oz Peg 11Jeff 117lb 3oz Peg 15Kev 106lb 9oz Peg 13
Wednesday 18th May
Wednesday 25th May
Wednesday 1st JuneJeff 110lb 11oz Peg 32John 76lb 8oz Peg 18Paul 66lb 12oz Peg 24
Wednesday 8th JuneKev 211lb 6oz Peg 17Ray 126lb 4oz Peg 32Paul 120lb 9oz Peg 24
Wednesday 15th JuneKev 193lb 10oz Peg 24Glen 166lb 7oz Peg 31Ray 120lb 15oz Peg 18
Wednesday 22nd June
Wednesday 29th June
Wednesday 6th July
Wednesday 13th July
Details: Fish 11.00 - 16.30 (draw at 10.00) Times change for Winter matches.

Swan Pit Wednesday Open Matches

Peg Fee


There is a waiting list for the Wednesday open matches on Swan Pit

The pool is open for pleasure anglers on Wednesdays but only pegs 1-9 are available. Pegs 11-35 are used for the match.

Willows Pools Matches

The Willows Matches 2022

Date / MonthAngling Club1st2nd3rd
12th June 2022
The Cock Inn ACKev 214lb 6ozSteve 211lb 10ozGareth 122lb 1oz
Matches on the Willows are at present, not WULAC run. The club are honouring matches that have been booked before we acquired the waters. Results are from privately run fishing clubs so not many matches may appear here.