Dear Members

Dear Members
As some of you are already aware we no longer have Church Pool at Tong. The water is now held by PRINCE ALBERT ANGLERS.
Prince Albert have purchased the fish in the church pool and the money raised will be used to add to the stock in Whitegate Fishery.
Church pool had been part of our club since 1965 and we are very disappointed to see it go.
We now have THE WILLOWS at Whiston,Nr Penkridge which is an established contest water with excellent fish stocks.
We will endeavour to improve the existing pegs on the waters especially on Brook pool.
The pool closest to the road is Spring pool and the second pool is Brook pool. There are some existing open matches on Spring pool which the club will honour for the first year. The Match dates will be posted on the notice board and are 15 in total.
Brook pool will be open on the match dates.
The club has now a stretch of the Shropshire Union Canal between bridge 29 and the Cowley tunnel at Cowley Nr Gnowsall.
We also still have Swan Pit and two stretches of the River Penk.
Thank you for all your continued support
Clive Blakemore