Swan Pit

Swan Pit is located between Newport and Gnosall on the A518. It is approximately 3.5 acres in size and is the home to a good head of carp (which provide the main quarry in matches) but also some great silver fish (Bream, Roach, Rudd). The skimmers especially can be a joy to catch as they now can be found approaching 3lb. There is also a good head of perch and some tench and crucians but these are not caught very often.

There are 25 fishable pegs with the record match weight being 294lb! In the summer, all methods (pole, feeder and waggler) work well and in the afternoons the big fish populate the margins with the biggest fish in a match weighing just over 16lb.

The depth of the water ranges from 3.5 ft on the roadside bank to only 16-18 inches at peg 20 & 21. However, don't let that fool you as, regularly, peg 21 produces the winning weights for matches.

Most match pegs (5,7, 13,15,16,17, 31,32)  have an island 'chuck' for the feeder. It is only the far bank (pegs 21-24) where the island is out of bounds in matches!

There are no day tickets for this water.

The Pool Bailiff is John Cox (However, all committee members, under the constitution, are bailiffs for all of the club waters).

Juniors are allowed to fish all contests, providing they are accompanied by an adult. However, a place on the contest must be agreed first with the match secretary. Please do not just turn up as matches are often full (and have waiting lists) so there will not be a space. 

No Bite Alarms

No Floating Baits (as in STRICTLY NO SURFACE FISHING). Pop ups and wafters are allowed if attached to a feeder such as a method feeder and the hooklength/rig ensures that the bait is not floating on the surface.

Match Secretaries

Adrian Wheeler

07742 402236

Dave Nicholas

07516 119499

Whitegate Farm

Match Secretaries

Ade Wheeler

Dave Nicholas

River Penk

The club has two stretches of the River Penk. The parking for the first is in the lay-by by Shutshill lock. The second is in the BOTTOM CAR PARK for the hotel on Pinfold lane. (Please note if you park in other hotel car parks you will get clamped!). The two stretches are renowned for silverfish (especially some lovely chub) but for the predator angler there are also some nice pike in the stretches the best in recent months (winter 2021) being just over 8lb.

Shropshire Union Canal

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The club has a stretch of the Shropshire Union Canal. This is the stretch from Cowley Tunnel (Bridge 32) down to Bridge 29. Parking for this stretch is not the easiest so travelling light is recommended. The best parking is near Fanlizard Lane, Nr Cowley where you can park just over the canal bridge. There is then a set of broad steps and a slope down to the canal bank ( a walk of about 100 yards).