Club Rules

1.The club to be called Weston-Under-Lizard Angling Club.

2. That the annual subscription shall be decided by the Committee from one season to the next. Junior Members up to the age of 16 to be at a reduced rate (18 if in full time education).

3. No member shall fish Club waters or. participate in Club matches unless they hold a current membership receipt, which should be carried at all times.

4. The Club shall not be disbanded so long as 5 remain in it and shall then not be disbanded save by a majority of those 5.

5. The Officers of the Club be a President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The President and Vice President shall be permanent Officers. These Officers to be ex officio members of the Committee.

6. The committee hold meetings at the times that the Secretary deems advisable and in voting 3 shall form a quorum.

7. That any member accepting a copy of these rules agrees to abide by them and do all possible to have such carried out in the interests of the Club and sportsmanship generally.

8. That if any member be detected in any act that may bring discredit upon the Club,
shall be liable to expulsion from the Club.

9 .That a full report of the activities of the Club be submitted at each Annual General Meeting.

10. The closed season for coarse fishing is to be strictly observed on the River Penk from 16th March until 16th June.

11. Members shall be in possession of an appropriate current EA Licence and the conditions of that licence shall be complied with.

12. Any member leaving gates open, leaving litter, damaging trees or lighting fires shall be liable to expulsion from the Club.

13. Dogs at all waters must be kept on a lead (3m (10ft) Max.) at all times.

14. Fishing with a line not connected to a rod is prohibited.

15. Single rod and line only on all venues

16. Rods must be fished in the same swim and be attended at all times, the member
should be no more than 5m from the rods.

17. When fishing for carp or pike an unhooking mat must be carried and used at all times.

18. Keepnets in matches ONLY.

19. The use of carp sacks is prohibited.

20. The following baits are prohibited: Live Bait, Blood Worm, all Nuts, Boilies and
Floating Baits at Swan Pit.

21. No braided hook lengths permitted. Swan Pit - barbless hooks size 14 or smaller. No semi-barbed or treble hooks permitted. All other waters - barbless hooks size 14 or smaller. Treble hooks have a barb on just one of the points.

22. During competitions you may fish with only 1 rod and line and a single hook only.

23. Competitors to land and release their own fish.

24. All fish to weigh in and return to the water dead or alive after being weighed in by the Captain of the Day.

25. Competitors shall draw pegs, restricted to one only immediately prior to the match. In the case of a member who cannot be present at the start a fellow member may draw his peg with the permission of the Captain of the Day.

26. Any competitor playing a fish at the final whistle may be allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to land the same.

27. Any pool monies will be distributed immediately after the match provided there is no objection logged with the Captain of the Day. In which case such monies will be withheld until the objection is placed before the Committee.

28. The Committee in Office shall have the power to enforce the aforementioned rules at their discretion

29. That no alterations or additions to these rules shall be made excepting at an AGM or at a Committee Meeting called for that purpose.

30. No bite alarms on all waters.

31. Use of Guru x Safe allowed.

32. All Press Releases must be approved by Committee prior to publication.

33. Any member dismissed from the Club will not receive a refund.

34. No fish to be retained in keepnets except for matches.

35. Fishing 1 hour before sunrise, to 1 hour after sunset.

36. Fishing to halfway on all pools max.

37. No boilies / max size pellets 8mm

38. To stop the spread of the HPV carp virus, can all anglers that fish other waters and then use their keepnets and landing nets on WULAC waters for matches, please make sure their nets are dry, or have been disinfected before they are used in WULAC waters thanks.